Here we considered the dimensions and the general layout on an FPSO that was
going to operate at the west of Norway and stay in place for about 25 year until the
depletion of the field.
We opted for a tanker conversion. The main characteristics of our FPSO are:
Total displacement 260’000 t with dimensions and tanks as shown on fig.1
An external turret system at the bow to allow the vessel to weathervane
Process plant assembled in modules and supported on an elevated deck to minimize
impact of green water, provide natural ventilation and separate from cargo tanks.
Offloading in tandem
Accommodation at the stern, far from flare and turret but with the disadvantage of
being downwind of the process facilities
 Lifeboats placed close to accommodation to provide a fast escape route.
Helipad at accommodation fitted with wind thrusters to allow landing without smoke
The flare is at the bow, as far as possible from the living quarters.
Associated Gas used as fuel.