What is an FPSO?

An FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) is tanker shape floating platform that is used for processing the well fluids from an offshore oil field and temporarilly storing the produced oil. In short, the well fluid come to the FPSO though the riser

Main parts of an FPSO

Risers, Oil Gas


Main features of FPSOs

FPSOs are mainly used for prodcuing oil from fields far away from existing infrastructure (pipelines, onshore oil terminals etc). Oil is produced and stored on the FPSOs. Shuttle tankers offload the FPSO in frequent time intervals

1. Metocean conditions, Depth, Mooring

  • Spread mooring possible only in benign environment
  • Turret system for weathervaning in hostile environment
  • Disconnectable turrets system in environments with extreme events (hurricanes)

2. Production and Storage

FPSOs have large deck spaces to accommodate extensive production facilities that are able to produce huge quantities of oil. What limits the production is the storage volume and the off-loading interval. Larger storage volume or more frequent off-loading are needed for higher production rates.Large storage capacity

3. Existing infrastructure

FPSOs are very economical solution for fields in remote locations without oil and gas infrastructure (pipelines, oil terminals etc.). Oil is stored on the FPSO and is offloaded by shuttle tankers. For exploiting the gas from the reservoir gas pipelines to the short must be in place. Often this is not the case; thus, part of the gas produced simultaneously with the oil is used for to cover the energy needs onboard and the rest is reinjected to the reservoir.

4. Field size and type

FPSOs can be used to tap small reservoirs. FPSOs are used for oil fields in remote areas.

5. Early First Oil

One of the main advantages of FPSOs is the early fist oil. The construction of FPSOs simultaneously with drilling give a has an huge benefit for first oil. Further, if the FPSO is leased then production can start as soon as the first claster is ready or in case of individual well riser production can start as soon as the first oil well is ready.

6. Wells, Drilling, Well Inervantion

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The wells are not drilled centrally so 

Production is not helt by well intervention