2. Steel Line Pipe

With the term line pipe we refer to the pipe pieces that are welded together onboard a pipelaying vessel to form the pipeline. Line pipe is categorised be the production method as follows

2.1. Seamless (SMLS) Pipes

Advandages of seamless pipes for use in subsea pipelines

Disadvantages of seamless pipes for use in subsea pipelines

2.2. High Frequency Welded (HFW) Pipes

HFW pipe is produced with OD from 2'' to 24'' and with WT up to 22mm. High frequency welding is a type of pressure welding done either condictive or inductive (without contact)



2.3. Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) Pipes

SAW weld pipe can be produce with dimeters ranging from 16” - 64” OD. SAW weld pipes are made from flat plates that are bend and form to a circular section and the welded using Submerge Arc Welding


• Grades & materials

– Corrosion

• Technical issues

• Line pipe coating systems