Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

Disadvantages of AUT

• More Preparation Time needed for calibrations and to agree

Acceptance Standards

• Each diameter, -wall thickness -and bevel change requires a

specific calibration block

• Crew and equipment more expensive



– X ray (tube)

– Gamma Ray (Isotope)

Other NDT methods

– Manual UT

– Magnetic Particle MPI

– Dye Penetrant



Automatic Ultrasonic Testing versus Radiography (“X-ray”)

• Fast: AUT is 1-2 min. ; X-ray at best 4 min, for 2”-3” pipe up to 8 min.

• AUT measures Defect Depth, Height and Length, X-ray only length and type

• AUT good for Planar Defects (more dangerous defect), X-ray for volumetric defects.

Advantages AUT vs. X-ray

• No radiation: Safe

• No film or other expendable items

• Environmentally friendly - no chemical discards

• Digital data storage - no film to store

• Weld Acceptance Criteria can be tuned to Fit for Purpose: less weld repairs