Suction Pile Design


Suction Pile Technology

Suction Piles find a variety of application in the offshore industry. They mainly used as:

  • Suction pile anchors for mooring
  • Foundation for manifolds and Riser bases
  • Bucket foundations for bottom founded platforms
  • Initiation piles for pipelaying

Description of installation method

1. Lowering to seabed and directional alignment.

2. Touchdown and penetration of the suction pile in the seabed under its own weight.

3. Close valve and start pumping


4. Pumping until final penetration depth is reached





Initial Design:
Generally Soft clay: tall and slender piles
                Dense sand: short and stubby piles


2. Suction Pile installation design

2.1. Forces during driving

Driveability is normally limited by sunction levels critical for heave of soil plug.



Suction Pile anchors<

Permanent Top

Retrievable top


Design parameters (sunction anchors)

  1. Geometry: length, diameter, wings (if applicable)
  2. Load attachements point (padeye)
  3. Desing Load
  4. Soil characteristics