How we design your mooring system

anchor-terminal-velocityTo design of a mooring system that uses torpedo anchors we apply fundamental principles from hydrodymics and soil mechanic. The main parameters that need to be determined are:

  1. The terminal velocity and minimum droping depth
  2. The penetration depth
  3. The holding capacity of a single anchor

Terminal velocity

Terminal Velocity for freely falling Torpedo Anchor can be found by equilibrium between 3 forces:
1. Weight of Anchor acting downwards (W)
2. Buoyancy acting upwards (B)
3. Drag Force acting upwards (FD)
Equating these 3 forces we can compute the Terminal Velocity of the freely falling Torpedo Anchor : W = B+ FD
Drag Force = CD is drag coefficient dependent on the type of flow,i.e its Reynold’s Number ;
A is the projected area of the anchor in the direction of flow;
u is the terminal velocity which the body can achieve based on its shape and weight